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Double bachelor's degree: In Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Physiotherapy    

The University's mission is to train qualified professionals, according to the needs of an increasingly better-educated society that demands more services and, above all, better and culturally sensitive services, where increased life expectancy and increased Chronic diseases associated with an inadequate lifestyle make health care a complex process and where an approach from an integral and multidisciplinary perspective is indispensable.

This academic year (2016-2017) and in the campus of the Unit of Igualada of the UdL will be given two degrees in the field of Health: the Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and the Degree in Physiotherapy, with a demand that surpasses widely The supply of places. For this reason, we proposed the Official Dual Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Physiotherapy, insurance that will respond to the high demand of students to take these lessons. The professional with this training will be able to work in different specific fields applying the knowledge acquired in the two teachings independently, but also in those jobs in which a professional is demanded that must have the joint knowledge of both professions